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eXoMod (ĕksō-mŏd) – 21st-Century Automobiles, Cloaked in Classic Bodies

Our production team has more than 50 years of experience in the muscle car industry, building some of the world’s finest and highest-scoring concours restorations and custom Restomods. We saw a need for something new and different in approaching custom car building.

After completing a no-expense-spared ProTouring build, using the very best of aftermarket parts… at the end of the day… we found that it was still 50+-year-old technology that proved finicky, unreliable, and less than enjoyable to drive. We believed the elusive car was within our reach, that quintessential combination of reliability and high-performance coupled with the iconic look of one of America’s most beloved rides.

eXoMod teamed up with the best carbon designers and producers in the USA to build a bespoke, custom carbon fiber body enveloping the fastest production-car powertrain available. The C68/69 Carbon Edition Charger… it’s sure to impress, break necks and exhilarate.

C68 Carbon - A modern supercar, with old school soul.

C68 Carbon – A modern supercar, with old school soul.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber Wide-Body on an SRT Hellcat Chassis
  • 717hp Hellcat Supercharged HEMI
  • 8spd Paddle-Shift TorqueFlite transmission
  • Custom Built FORGELINE Wheels 20×10 Front and 20×12 Rear
  • Retains Dodge factory 5 year/60K Powertrain Warranty

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